Chef Selections at The Table Redefine “Daily Special”

Chefs Table

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be inside the mind of a chef? What if I told you the chefs at The Table Creekside, take the recipes they dream up, and make them a reality? Now, what if I told you that this happens every day.

Every morning, our chefs are cook up something completely new. Completely “now.” Sure, you’re sure to get a plate of food that is refined and sophisticated. But, beneath the culinary artistry is a plate of food that is, in a word, delicious.

If you want to give your taste buds a riveting, and completely satisfying experience, give our daily Chef Selections a try. You, and your taste buds will be glad you did.

Reward yourself today. Reserve your seat at The Table Creekside for fine waterfront dining in Sarasota at its best.

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